Desmodium Varians

Introducing Desmodium varians...but is it? This is the question being asked by botanists and conservationists who think it may be a new variation on the 'varians'. I's growing down the bottom end of our property at Pontville, I was asked to keep and eye on it and hopefully get some photo's of the flowers and seed pod. The flower is a pale to dark pink and only 2mm if that! The leaf on this varians is quite different to what I've seen here, the seed pod too only appears to have two at the most seeds. I'm sending the photo's off to be identified and will let you know the results.

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  1. Its always interesting finding something "odd".
    Best of luck with getting it IDed.
    The seed pod is probably not a reliable guide, as its shape simply depends on how successfully it was pollinated.
    But leaf and flower shape, and other stuff might help the botanists.
    Keep it, and best wishes for New Year.