spring blossoms

 Pear blossoms

 Apple blossoms

 Cherry blossoms

  Cherry blossoms

Cryptandra amara, RHAMNACEA, pretty cryptandra
Drosera....... Sundew

Know your blossoms! Taken today just before the rain came pelting down.Some from our little orchard and from the reserve. For me it was the first time I've seen a sundew in flower!


Wurmbea dioci - Early Nancy

Yes she certainly early, just after the snow cleared she popped up.
I've never seen her growing here before probably just didn't get out and about at the right time!

Diuris chryseopsis

A first for me to see these orchids growing here on the neighboring reserve. Diuris chryseopsis, also known as the Snake orchid. It is a typical grassland species. Interesting that the orchids here on the reserve mostly grow best where there is heavy lichen and moss.