photographing things other than birds

A fly...quite a cute face

bleached branch, lichen,  and weeds, Pontvile.

Feeling a little bit frustrated that the birds around here are not obliging at all, refusing to have their photo taken..but I have been watching and recording what birds I have seen around here...Pardalotes are new visitors here along with the dusky robin, house sparrows and European gold finch. Brown falcons frequently fly over head, so too are ducks, herons and today I spotted a grey and a white goshawk!
There are always black birds around and starlings seem to be on the increase...and I'm sure there is an owl around I can hear him early in the morning. A neighbor must have a peacock, his call echo's around the valley throughout the day. Native hens run around the Jordan river near by and two unidentified large birds...could be peacocks without their tail feather?
 I love the sounds of the native hens they sound like a hack saw cutting through sheets of metal.

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