wild and native, update

 Bulbine Glauca. LILIACEA. Golden Bulbine-lily
ORCHIDACEA. Diuris sulphurea. tiger Orchid
 ORCHIDACEA. Diuris sulphurea. tiger Orchid
Convolvulus erubescens.or blushing bindweed
 Arthropdium.minus. Small vanilla lily
Arthropdium.minus. Small vanilla lily

A wild and windy evening.
Still getting to know my new environment. At first glance it looks so dry and inhospitable to any life...but look closer and you will find an oasis of life, colour and fertility. 
The land next to ours has a covenant and is visited on a regular basis by a conservation team..my partner and I hope to join them in a few weeks...learning about caring for the land, basically weed control and noting where the rare and endangered lichen and wild flowers grow.
Due to the lack of trees here it's hard to take photo's of birds..but I've spotted many types, Golden Finch, Dusky Swallow, Wrens and Brown Falcons.
There is also evidence of bandicoots, quolls.


  1. Hi Little Clicking Crow.
    Springtime is great, isn't it?
    Your Orchids are both the Diuris sulphurea.
    D. chryseopsis didn't make it to the display.
    The pink flower puzzles me. Doesn't look like Geranium to me. Maybe an opening flower of Convolvulus?
    Nice flowers anyway.

  2. Nice photos, Grace!

  3. Hi Denis..thank you for sharing your knowledge..I made a mistake with chryseopsis...and you are right the pink flower is a convolvulus....I'm hoping to volunteer in a few weeks with a conservation group to look after and learn more about the covenant next door.

    Hi Mr Tilcheff I will write soon..xx