pacific black and mallard young


  1. Hi Black Crow,

    I too often marvel at the natural world, the great variety, the natural laws working out of sight, how quickly things change. You take some interesting photographs.

    Have you seen a Tasmanian Devil lurking near by lately? I understand they are similar to the ill-mannered raccoons that I remember as a kid, but much more hateful.

    Take care, Mountain Man

  2. Hi Mountain Man, unfortunately the only Tasmanian Devils I've seen have been road kill. We get a lot of that around here, its awful. Tasmania has the worst record of road kill.
    I went for a run this morning up on the bush trail near my place and spotted 8 little wallabies, I gave them all a talking to stay off the road!
    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. :) The series of duck photos is fantastic!
    Isn't it funny how the young grow quite big in size, but still have no wings until much later in their lives. Very cute!