Seagull takes a break

If I only ever was able to take seagulls at lunch time I wouldn't mind at all.
I'm so much happier at work these days knowing that I can venture out at lunch, camera at hand and take photo's of birds or other images that interest me.
I thought I would feel self conscious but I get so absorbed trying to get a good shot that I forget what else is going on around me.
Cormorant update. I left early from home and made my way to Constitution dock to see if our little guy was to be seen. I looked all around his usual haunts but didn't find him.
I did contact Parks and Wildlife, and after some time I was able to leave a message. I was pleasantly surprised (the cynic that I am) when they rang back. Unfortunately Monday was the earliest that they would be able to search for the cormorant due to the docks being busy on the weekends.
I will be very interested if anyone actually shows up on Monday to search for the bird. Till then I may visit the docks myself and see if he turns up.

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