Not a good day

Very sad news. while photographing the seagulls down at Constitution dock I looked over towards the Mawson sculptures hoping to see our regular cormorants and sure enough there was one there. I'm not sure if he is our young Cormorant but as I photographed him I became aware that his leg was entangled with fishing net.
I watched him for a while and he looked very worn out as he sat most of the time.
I don't know what to do, who do you contact about these animals that are in need of help?
I'll spend sometime tonight to find out online if there are any native animal rescuers in the Hobart region.
Found one, thanks to Oz Animal's blog I found a list of Wildlife animal rescuers in Tasmania.
here is the Hobart one
Hobart (Head Office) 134 Macquarie StreetGPO Box 1751Hobart TAS 7001 Phone: 1300 135 513


  1. This is so sad :(
    Would you be able to call these people tomorrow?
    Would they bother to do something for a young cormorant?

  2. Congratulations for noticing and caring. So many people don't.