A sign of Autumn and cooler weather on the way, Crypsiphona ocultaria

 Crypsiphona ocultaria
Up in the backyard again! I was shooing off the cabbage moths from the brassica's when one of these moths flew right up to me and then down onto an old tree stump. On closer inspection I realized that he was not one of these pesky white moths but something else very beautiful! Off to get the camera...fortunately he was still there waiting for me to get some photo's.


  1. Hi Black Crow.
    Wonderful moth. I can help, or rather Donald Hobern in Canberra has anticipated your question.
    Crypsiphona ocultaria
    And yes it is within the Geometrinae sub-family, which is within the Geometridae.
    Nice big furry moth. The specific name presumably refer to the hidden markings which you have shown so well.
    Well done.

  2. Thank you again Denis!!
    Thank you too for the link..I did look on flickr but obviously not the right moth!