Mr Bennett

Mr Bennett  is becoming a regular early morning visitor to our front yard. I worry for him though as he makes his way back into the bush, he has to hop his way up the road and there have been a lot of wallabies killed recently. You would  think people would realize that  living near the bush there just maybe wildlife out and about at night and early mornings...why can't they drive slower...our road is a dead end, do they really need to drive so fast to get home! The council has put up a tiny sign a few meters down the road, nobody can see it and to the morons on the road they probably see it as an invitation to run over the wildlife!
Be very careful Mr Bennett!


  1. Oh let's hope Mr. Bennett does not get hit!
    He looks like he could kick some serious butt though...what a look! :)

    Love that shot of him! It must be glorious to live where you are and see all the different wildlife.


  2. I enjoy seeing your neck of the woods. Mr. Bennett looks pensively optimistic. Hope things remain good for him.