Spotted Pardalote

What a special little bird are the spotted pardalote's! This little girl let me get so close to photograph her before she flew off. I found a little area just near my place today that surprised me. It was so busy with bird life, feeding and playing alas all I could do was watch....my camera was recharging! But I'll be back in the morning to see it I can snap a few shots of these birds. My poor camera is being pushed to it's limits these days. It's great for macro shots but pretty poor for anything past a couple of meters to zoom in on....I dream of a telephoto lens!


  1. Hi Blackcrow
    You've got yourself a nice female Spotted Pardalote there.
    The male Spotted Pardalote has white spots on top of the head, and a bright yellow throat.
    Good work with the camera, however limited it might seem to you.

  2. Beautiful little gem, Grace! Love the shot and am envious that you see Pardalotes every day.

    You know what? Young Dave B once saw a Forty-Spotted Pardalote in Taroona - that's probably the rarest of them all.

  3. Oh it's a girl!!
    Thank you Denis.

    They are little gems Nickolay!
    If only I had a camera like yours.