Sydney siders

sulfur crested cockatoos, Sydney, botanical garden
2 weeks in Sydney ,warm weather, and very obliging birds. My dear friend and colleague, Nickolay and I met for a day at the botanical gardens. While catching up with what each other has been doing I could'nt help noticing just how close the birds would allow you to walk up to them....must be years of trust built up between humans and birds in this very beautiful park. Encouraged by my friend to get closer and closer and closer to the birds to take their photo's this was my happy result. The day was very overcast and as Nickolay mentioned it was perfect for taking photo's of white birds! I can't remember the last time I visited the Botanical gardens I used to visit here a lot when I lived here and would come to the gardens and sketch but this recent experience has certainly made me look forward to my next time in Sydney!

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  1. Love the first pic! The light was very good for photographing big white birds :) Hope to see some Ibis too.