Bee's and the promise of fine weather

For months now the weather has been just appalling, wet, gray, windy and cold not very enticing for either animal or man. But good for getting work done indoors and my art work is coming along nicely. The only birds I spotted enjoying themselves in this weather were the currawongs. The last two days however have been unbelievable if only every day could be like it was today...I even wore a t-shirt for the first time in months! Blue sky, gentle breeze, little fluffy clouds just magic! Still not too many birds around but the bees are coming back and I found a busy pair of bee's buzzing around my lavender bush! I haven't spotted any bumble bees yet I wonder how soon they will start to arrive? Do you think that winter bees are a brighter colour than summer bees....just a theory but click on 'bees' in my labels and see what you think?


  1. Hi Black Crow,

    I think it is the light. Winter light just colors things differently. I look for it each year in my yard.

    I love winter light.

    Hugs, Euphoria

  2. Great to know you got some nice weather at last!
    Very nice photos :)
    In an episode about insects Attenborough explained the Bumble Bee life cycle in detail. It was very interesting to learn how the colonies are formed and how only a small part of the population survives through the winter in a hibernation state (or maybe it was as a cocoon?). I should see it again!

  3. It's raining again:(
    Would have loved to have seen the insect episode!
    Thanks for dropping in Lady Euphoria...yes you could be right but I'd like to think that they change colour:)