Cape Barron Geese

Just arrived back home from a two day stay at Tarunna, near Port Arthur.
After a hearty breakfast I went for a walk along the Arthur's Highway. at 9.00 in the morning the traffic was pretty quiet and I was not in much danger of becoming roadkill like a lot of poor animals on the sides had become from the night before.
I took many shots of little birds and rosellas, I'll post these later, along with more toadstool photo's. But seeing these geese are what most surprised and excited me the most! They are really big birds and beautiful. I was amazed at the colour and shape of their beaks...a very yellow lime green colour. I wished I had someone there to enjoy this with me but as is often the case bird photography can be a lonely occupation.

1 comment:

  1. What beauties!
    Bird photography is a lonely occupation, but later you can share its products with the world :D
    Fantastic birds! I've only seen two once in a zoo.