Red- Eyed Thornbill

Couldn't get a good look at this bird as he was very frisky, feeding on the little insects in our neighbours tree. I did think at first they were silvereyes but later thought they may be sparrows. On closer inspection I'm not sure I know what they are. Looking through The Slater's book I found a few that resembled this bird, a Yellow Spotted Pardalotes, a White Fronted Juvenile Chat, or a Tasmanian Thornbill which is the most likely.

He is a Tasmanian Red-eyed Thornbil!!


  1. This is 100% a red-eyed Thornbill. 95% for Tasmanian Thornbill and 5% for Brown Thornbill.

  2. Yes I think You're right about it being a red- eyed Thornbill!! Thank you Nickolay.