"B" is for bunny

We've been "minding", on and off this little bunny for a few days now. He is so cute!! Apart from when I was a kid visiting the baby animals at the zoo I've never been this close to a bunny. they are so soft and this guy seems to have such a peaceful nature. He loves grazing in amongst the clover and seaside daisy's. Our two cats are unaware of the little visitor as they are usually fast asleep around the time bunny comes to visit. However they are pretty sure that something unusual has been in the backyard as they start to sniff bits of evidence that bunny has left behind. I'm sure that I will be investigating the bunny with more pic's in the near future.


  1. That's one cute bunny! Love the bit of white on the nose but the rest is brown.

    Have a good Christmas!

  2. :D he looks like a long-eared guinea pig. very cute!