yellow natives

This morning was day 2 of the Native flower exhibition at Hobart's Town Hall. Very much inspired by the beautiful display of Australian Natives and the purchase of 'Flowers and Plants of Tasmania by the Launceston Field Naturalists Club book, I started to wonder about what is growing in my own backyard! I live very close to bushland, a very dry sclerophyll forest. I've jogged down the dirt track many times and have noticed a few flowering plants over the seasons but not many. So on a beautiful day like today armed with camera I took to the track just to see how many flowers I can find and try to identify them with my new book! I'm going to start with the yellow one first.

yellow flowering plant

clover, but I'm not sure if it's a native or not

Prickly Moses , ACACIA VERTICILLATA, Mimosaceae

Yellow Dogwood, POMADERRIS ELLIPTICA , Rhamnaceae

Flowereing September through to November. Maybe propergated from cuttings or seed. Can you guess that something isn't right??............I haven't ben able to find many of the plants in my new book!!!!!!!!!!Apart from unable to identify these I'm still rather happy to see so much diversity.

Tomorrow is pink flower day!


  1. Great photos!
    But I can't help here. I know very little about plants...

  2. Gorgeous!
    I went out photographing wildflowers on the weekend too, only the sunlight was really, really bright and the yellow flowers all came out with a halo around them. My camera does not like warm colours, but I'm still hoping I can photoshop the images into something pretty.
    I love the bird pictures too ~ especially the seagull on the sculpture
    ...and now I'm off to look through more of your blog. =]