New Holland Honey Eater

Today's trip to Knocklofty Reserve in West Hobart proved to be rather fruitful! Even though I'm disappointed with the outcome but at least now I have a record of the variety of birds that visit there. Top right is a golden finch. Not sure what the two on the left are. But on the bottom row is a Scarlet Robin, Petroica multicolorboodang, to the right maybe a Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike.

Three photo's of the New Holland Honey Eater!
There where many other birds there but it's frustrating knowing your cameras limitations.
I'm thinking that because I'm enjoying this hobby so much that in the very near future I may upgrade the camera to a digital SLR and have two lenses, one macro because I love the small minuet world and a telephoto lens for the fleeting moments of birds!

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  1. I think that the first pic shows two
    Black-headed Honeyeater kids. The second one is an European Goldfinch.
    New Holland Honeyeaters are great little birds. I love them!
    Sorry to hear you get fustrated with the camera. That's exactly how I felt with my old Fuji years ago. It was great for slow moving, not too distant objects. But a bird in flight was an impossible task...
    I had to save two years for my 30D :(
    But it is a great hobby and a very healthy one too!